Product Features for SaaS Growth

Subbie allows you to have a single view of your customer. you can see all the invoices and payments and the subscription history. You can connect your payments systems so that any new customers, subscriptions, invoices or payments are automatically available.

You can also separately create invoice based subscriptions so that invoices are generated according to your schedule and sent directly to the customer. You can then track bank payments or partial payments against these invoices. You can even create one off invoices for additional servics like training or consultancy so that all your customer transactions are in the same place.


  • Track your revenue in real-time from mutiple sources
  • Quickly see where your revenue is coming from
  • Predict future revenue trends

Metrics & Analytics

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Key metrics like MRR, Churn Rate and LTV
  • Track your sales tax liabilities
  • Get reports delivered to your email
  • Measure your progress and gain insight into your customers


  • Integrate with your payment processor
  • Handle enterprise invoicing and bank payments
  • Take control with a single view of all your customer payments in one place