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Advanced Subscription Metrics, Analytics and Insights

Accurate metrics for your SaaS business:

Monthly Recurring Revenue
MRR Movement
Net Revenue
Gross Revenue Churn
Net Revenue Churn
Annual Run Rate
Lifetime Value
Avg. Revenue Per Customer
Paying Customers
Customer Churn
New Paying Customers
Churned MRR
Expansion MRR
Contraction MRR
Failed Charges

Pricing Plans


  • All metrics
  • Up to 100 paying customers
  • Up to 3 team members
  • Basic email reports
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  • All metrics
  • Unlimited paying customers
  • Unlimited team members
  • Cohort analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Advanced email reports
  • Email support
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What data sources are available?

You can currently process data from Stripe and Paddle platforms. You can also enter data manually within the app, or via our read/write API (docs), no matter which payment processor you use (PayPal, Chargebee, Recurly, Salesforce, Chargify, Braintree,, Worldpay, etc). Get in touch at [email protected] to learn more about the API.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards for every plan.

What happens after my trial?

You can continue to use Free plan as long as the number of paying customers in your account is below 100. You can upgrade to the Pro plan any time during your 30-day trial or after the trial. However, if you have over 100 paying customers and you hit the end of the trial without upgrading to the Pro plan, you won't be able to access the app until you upgrade.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can cancel any time.

More questions?

Get in touch at [email protected]