Measure what matters

Subbiemetrics started when I wanted to have a simple way of calculating my subscription metrics. Like many people I was using Stripe for my billing system which was great for most of my customers. But as time went on I gained a number of enterprise clients who had large numbers of users on multi-year contacts. At this point, credit card payments were just not practical and they wanted to pay directly by Bank Transfer.

The problem was then how to calculate my subscription metrics. I now had multiple plans with multiple payment methods. I could no longer rely on Stripe for my metrics as it did not include other payment methods so I had to manually put the information into a spreadsheet to get my metrics. Needless to say, before long this became a pain and took up way too much time that I could better spend on growing the business.

So, I looked for other solutions and there are a number of ones out there but nothing quite suited my needs, so I decided to build the tool I needed.

It's taken many iterations and pivots and we have since added multiple payment processors.

Have any questions or feedback? You can always reach me directly by email.


Leo, Founder